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There are over 100,000 books in stock; making us the largest bookstore between Columbus Ohio and Buffalo NY(sorry Cleveland and Pittsburg) .  There is a reason why people drive 100 miles to shop here.  There is an excellent selection of most categories

1,000’s of paperbacks at 50c,  Romance 3/$1.00,  Hardbacks start at $1.00.  Cheap reading to collectibles.  Good selection in most categories.

Military history has a large inventory.

We have a “Family Reading” section.  Many are are old books, some are newer, but all are for people who want “Nice” stories.  The amish like this section as well as people of all ages who want books without sex, drugs and violence.  Most bookstores do not have this category.

Textbooks We carry used textbooks; mostly grades 1 thru 12-most subject.  Schools donate these, so they won’t be thrown away.  Great for home schoolers and for review.  By the time we pick these books up, sort them and give them a shelf the $1.00 price is a charity.

Religious books  There is an entire room dedicated to religion books.

Guys!  We have hunting,  fishing, golf, baseball, and other sports.  There are lot’s of how-to; including machine, electrical, electronic, car, carpentry, plumbing, construction, homesteading and back to basics.

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